The range and diversity of programmes and units of qualification on the Fitness Sector Qualification Framework (SQF) are constantly changing and the new fees and structure reflect the diversity and higher levels of complexity required for assessment and verification. The current SQF is shown below.

The accreditation process is divided in to 2 stages. The first stage is the completion of your company details, contact details, confirmation of programmes you want to be accredited for and payment. The second stage is the technical submission so you will be required to supply supporting evidence of the delivery of your training programmes.

Stage 1 - Company Application

To apply for EHFA Accreditation of training please read these instructions and then click the 'Apply Here' button at the bottom of this page;

  1. Select whether you are applying for accreditation for programmes/units at EQF Level 2-4 (Option 1), or whether you are applying for Level 5 Exercise for Health Specialist (Option 2).
    • OPTION 1 - 3 programmes/units Levels 2-4
    • OPTION 2 - L5 Exercise for Health Specialist only
  2. Select the number of additional programmes/units
  3. Complete all fields in the form to provide us with;
    • Your Personal email address
    • Company details including the email address of the person responsible for accreditation
    • Which standards you are applying for
    • Agreement to Code of Practice, correct usage of logos and graduate registration on to EREPS
    • Your personal details as a 'Key Contact'
  4. Click 'confirm' which will take you to the Paypal payment page
  5. Make payment to complete Stage 1

Stage 2 - Technical Submission

Having received your application and payment a member of the team will email you with instructions on how to complete Stage 2 - Technical Submission. The email will include a username and temporary password to log in to the EHFA-Standards website. To complete the Technical Submission;

  1. Log in to the EHFA-Standards website and in the 'User Menu' on the left click My Account/Edit and change your password
  2. In the left hand 'Application Menu' click the EQAVET Approval link and confirm your EQAVET Status
  3. In the left hand 'Application Menu' click the link to the relevant standard and complete all fields making sure to upload all supporting documents/images/videos
  4. Click 'Save' to post the technical submission for this programme/unit
  5. Complete any other standards from the 'Application Menu'
  6. Log Out

Upon completing the Technical Submission a verifier will be assigned and you will be notified if any changes need to be made or any additional details required. Once a submission for accreditation has been successful you will be sent an electronic certificate, EHFA logos, EREPS enrolment template and supporting documents.

To apply for new accreditation click the button below;

Apply Here