Before starting on the technical accreditation process, and as part of their application a training provider will be asked to agree and accept four other conditions for compliance:

  • Recognition/approval/licensing by national reference point through EQAVET process
  • Payment of the appropriate fee – €600 for a new application and €200 for re-accreditation
  • Agreement to the EHFA/EREPS Code of Practice for Training Providers
  • Agreement to register all successful candidates completing training programmes at the reduced rate of 30€ per candidate. EREPS will provide a template/process to be used


Satellite Centres

EHFA accreditation applies only for one training centre/venue in the training provider’s home country. EHFA must be notified of each additional permanent venue and additional fees will be required to check that the teaching and assessing are monitored by the same quality assurance processes at additional centres as at the main venue.

Courses taught occasionally (not exceeding 3 courses per year) at other locations by the normal delivery staff are included within the initial accreditation, however, if courses are taught more regularly at a satellite venue EHFA must be made aware of this. Any satellite venue in another country must meet the regulatory requirements of that country and if a national register is already in operation the provider should contact them to discuss requirements for entry.

For each additional training centre located outside of the existing country of the first point of accreditation the fee will be €600