Under the terms of their accreditation EuropeActive training providers are entitled to establish as many host venues within their designated home country as they wish. However, if an accredited provider wishes to run courses accredited by EuropeActive in a country outside their home country they must apply for satellite centre status for each additional country. Under this status the training provider must be able to show:

  • The courses being delivered in the satellite centre replicate the content, delivery model (e.g. hours of learning, tutor competencies) and assessments of the course accredited for delivery in the home country
  • The course materials and tutor delivery overcome any language barriers encountered in the satellite country and are translated appropriately where necessary
  • There are adequate student support procedures
  • The satellite centre is owned and operated by the “home” company and is not a separate training entity
  • An estimated number of students graduating per year

The accredited training provider must also:

  • Meet the mandatory requirement to sign all the graduates of the satellite centre/s on to EREPS for their first year of membership
  • Pay the appropriate re-accreditation fee every 2 years for the home centre and for each of its satellite centres
Satellite Centre Fees
Zone 1 Zone 2
New Satellite Centre
€600 €600
Re-Accreditation of existing Satellite Centre
€200 €200