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Please note our new pricing structure...

Read instructions below before continuing;


1. Select additional units you are applying for

Additional units are priced at €200.00 per unit apart from Level 5 Exercise for Health Specialist which is priced at €500.00

2. Complete the form

Please complete all fields

3. Make payment

Online payment is made through Paypal or you may choose to pay upon invoice

4. Check Email

Your initial application will be assessed and you will be emailed instructions for Stage 2 - Technical Submission.


Organization Details

Your company details.

You will have added your personal email address at the top of this form. Please add above the company email to be used for general communications. This can be the same email as the top of this form

If you do not have a company VAT number please type 'N/A'

For all accreditations and re-accreditations you agree to abide and by the Accreditation Conditions

Accreditation Conditions may be reviewed by clicking here

EuropeActive Accreditation Key Contact

Applying for EuropeActive Accreditation will add you as a 'key contact' for this organisation.

In selecting the 'payment' button below your application for accreditation will be processed

You will then be contacted by email with details on how to complete 'stage 2' of the process, the technical submission. You will also be sent an invoice for the relevant amount.