Membership of the Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee operates as an independent unit from the main EuropeActive Board, but receives support from the Secretariat and Executive. The Director of Professional Standards ensures the Committee is composed of academics, health & fitness club operators, and vocational training providers, in order to be the primary science-to-practice organ of the European health and fitness sector.

Three of the members of the Committee act as the “arbiters” and “protectors” for all professional practice issues arising from the Committee’s work and that of the previous Standards Council.  These three “ambassadors” will continue the public-facing role of the earlier Standards Council to ensure the correct and proper use of the EuropeActive Standards, EREPS, and accreditation programmes.

The current Professional Standards Committee is made up of;

  • *Julian Berriman, Director, United Kingdom
  • *Rita Santos-Rocha, Portugal
  • Alexis Batrakoulis, Greece
  • Gemma Bonnett, United Kingdom
  • Jennifer Halsall, Netherlands
  • Sascha Linz, Germany
  • Simona Pajaujiene, Lithuania
  • Mia Smith, United States

Those marked with * are the ambassadors who are the arbiters of professional practice issues and continue this role from the earlier EHFA Standards Council.