The accreditation programme has two separate stages:

Stage 1:

This is where you provide details of your company or organisation that will be delivering the training (typically from a VET provider or higher education institute). You will be asked to agree to support three main principles:

  • To support the EuropeActive standards and principles through this Code of Practice
  • To correctly use the EuropeActive and EREPS logos
  • To register graduates of their training onto EREPS

Before proceeding it is best to check your training programme(s) against the EuropeActive standards to see if, in your opinion, there will be sufficient referencing for accreditation to be given. For more information on the current EuropeActive standards click here

The accreditation fee to be paid is based upon the number and type of training programme that you deliver and for which you want accreditation.

EuropeActive recognises that there are also many national conditions and regulations which can also apply to training companies and the accreditation programme is a “unitary” process. This means that it stands alone and has no legal basis, and that principles of subsidiarity take precedence. The applicant will be asked if there any national quality assurance processes or licensing in place and whether there is a national situation supporting the European EQAVET requirements.

For an up to date position on EQAVET applying to your country click here

Important note: if the Training Provider is applying for EuropeActive accreditation and is not able to show formal recognition at national level, it can be accredited initially with provisional status for not more than one year. In this period the company will need to fulfil the specific national requirements to be formally recognized as a licenced and nationally approved VET provider. Once the national formal recognition is achieved, the company with will recognized with full status by EuropeActive for a further year.

Stage 2:

When payment and stage 1 have been completed you will be given a password to proceed to the on-line application form to show how your training programme(s) meet the delivery and achievement of the learning outcomes based on the EuropeActive Standards.

Important note: the application form includes a checklist for the assessment of the underpinning knowledge, skills and competencies set by the EuropeActive Standards. These assessments will include practical assessments in some specific areas.

The practical assessment observation checklists are the recommended assessment tool for the Training Provider staff to use to assess students. The training organisation may use its own assessment documentation if preferred; however these must align to the minimum competences identified within the practical assessment observation checklists provided by EuropeActive.

Please Note:

For training programmes based in higher education institutes and universities they do not have to complete stage 1

  • For a copy of the Code of Practice for training providers click here
  • For information on the use of EuropeActive standards and EREPS logos click here
  • For the requirements of registering successful graduates onto EREPS click here

A full guide to the application for accreditation process can be downloaded here

To apply for accreditation Click Here