The previous EHFA Standards Council was responsible for the direction and strategic thinking for developing a regulatory framework which underpins public confidence in the work and development of the European Health and Fitness sector, and in a complex environment of European dimensions. Since 2010 the standards have been referenced to the European Qualification Framework (EQF) in the development of a Fitness Sector Qualification Framework (SQF).

In 2015 EuropeActive completed a referencing of fitness occupations through the European Skills Competencies Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) database which has further helped to establish the position of the main occupations and their relationship to the EQF. The occupations (and essential skills) are those used by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) to determine an individual fitness professional’s status of registration.

This is the current SQF:

Sector Qualifications Framework

The occupational standards (defining the knowledge skills and competencies required by an exercise professional) are developed by EuropeActive and are based on the occupations of the SQF. Training providers use these standards to develop training programmes. An important outcome of the use of the standards is to then enable individual exercise trainers who meet the learning outcomes of the standards to be registered with EREPS.

EREPS is an independent process for the registering of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European health, fitness and physical activity sector. It is a pan-European system, based on independent national registers, which culminate in a central European database.

Through its quality assurance process the EREPS Programme recognises that exercise professionals are qualified to do their job and this gives consumers, employers and partners in medical professions the necessary level of confidence in their professionalism. The EREPS Programme provides the structure at a European level for the recognition of diplomas and certificates, and supports the increased mobility of workers.

Registration means that an exercise professional has met the agreed prescribed minimum standards of good practice, including the adoption of a Code of Ethical Practice and that they are committed to raising standards through a process of personal career professional development.

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