This policy is aimed at Training Provider’s who are delivering a EuropeActive approved discipline.

It’s important that all persons involved in the management, delivery and assessment of EuropeActive accredited programmes, including those overseeing quality assurance are aware of the contents of this policy.

Accredited Training Providers who wish to lodge an appeal against an imposed sanction/related decision/accreditation removal must follow this appeals policy with EuropeActive. Wherever possible EuropeActive will try to resolve disputes before they reach an appeal stage.

Grounds for appeal should be stated formally in writing to the Director of the Professional Standards Committee Julian Berriman within 30 days of any decision

Upon receipt of the information we will acknowledge receipt within 48 hours and aim to provide a final decision following review within 60 days of receipt. Please note that if a Centre visit/staff and/or learner interviews are required the process could take longer, however all relevant parties will be notified. The investigating officer will be technically competent and free from any conflicts of interest including having had no previous involvement with the training provider.

Initially we will complete an initial, informal assessment of the appeal and when possible work with all interested parties to resolve the dispute prior to evoking the formal appeals policy. Following the initial review of the potential appeal we will communicate our decision to all parties. Two outcomes will be considered:

  1. Overturn the original assessment decision having reviewed the new rationale/evidence presented.
  2. Confirm the original assessment decisions stands and in doing so the rationale for this decision. The appellant will be requested to confirm, within 15 days, whether the decision is accepted or  intends to move towards a formal appeals process which will be carried out by an independent party.

The Independent Reviewer will be wherever possible the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee who will consider all the evidence available and ensure we have applied our procedures fairly, appropriately and consistently in line with our policy.

The Independent Reviewer’s decision is final and we will inform the appellant and all relevant parties of the outcome of the review within 60 days of receipt of the appeal.


Appeals should be addressed to;

Julian Berriman
Director of the Professional Standards Committee
House of Sport
Avenue des Arts /Kunstlaan 43
B-1040 Brussels