The Standards Council is responsible for the direction and strategic thinking for the developing regulatory framework, which underpins public confidence in the work and development of the European Health and Fitness industry, and in a complex environment of European dimensions. It works closely with the European Commission, especially in support of its Lifelong Learning Programme.

The main functions of the Standards Council are:

  • To monitor the developments across and outside the industry to ensure that the European framework and standards for the fitness industry are fit for purpose and up to date.
  • To develop and monitor a work programme for the Technical Experts Group (TEG) in terms of standards development.
  • To provide the technical support and structure to ensure the development of the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) is in line with the standards process.
  • To oversee the EHFA Accreditation Process of training providers.  

The current Chairman of the Standards Council, Professor Thomas Rieger, elected in 2012, developed a 3-year strategic plan (2012-2015) which provides seamless continuity to the activities of his predecessor Professor Alfonso Jimenez. By today the following standards have been established;

The EHFA Standards Council is the independent body able to providing strategic advice, guidance and direction to EHFA, in relation to Standards for People, Programmes and Places across the Health and Fitness sector. It supports the vision to achieve the EHFA’s main goal to get More People, More Active, More Often.

This is the current position of development for the European fitness Sector Qualification Framework (SQF) as referenced to the European Qualification Framework (EQF):